Bishop Strongly Recommends Masks at Church
Bishop Strongly Recommends Masks at Church

Bishop Strongly Recommends Masks at Church

The parishes of our diocese all received a letter from the Bishop to address and reinforce our measures in place to address the growing concern for both COVID-19 infections and also some of the other transmittable illness that are impacting our communities.

From Bishop Todd’s letter:

As we move deeper into the fall/winter, we also move into a time of increased respiratory illnesses including Covid-19, Influenza and Respiratory Syncytial Virus. The Ontario Medical Officer of Health has strongly recommended that all people resume wearing masks in indoor settings. As we seek to care for all in our midst, particularly the elderly and the young who are most affected by respiratory illnesses, it is important that we make good decisions, based on science, for our communal worship life. I am strongly recommending the wearing of masks in indoor public settings, including in our church buildings.

There were some other safeties and precautions that the Bishop also named for those Parish Volunteers helping with worship.


  • Liturgical leaders (clergy, licensed lay readers, lectors, cantors, intercessors and choir members) are to remain masked except when leading the liturgy. Communion assistants must remain masked while distributing the Eucharist.
  • Influenza vaccines are strongly encouraged.
  • Hand sanitizer to be available and used.

I know that we are all a bit discouraged by the need to mask and take other steps to keep ourselves and others safe, but it is one of the best ways available to look out for the safety and health for us each and for those who are vulnerable in our community.

Thank you for your understanding and for your willingness to support these measures.


The Rev’d Rob Park