St. Mark's Brantford


In 1953, a small church was erected on the corner of Evelyn and Albert Streets in the north end of Brantford. Even though there was not yet a congregation, it was built as part of a plan for church expansion in the city. Following construction, the sparsely populated region was canvassed, and the people were informed that there was a new Anglican Church in the community.

St. Mark's 1953
St. Mark’s Church 1953

The first services were held on Palm Sunday, March 29, 1953, and over the next twelve years, St. Mark’s Church grew and flourished. By the end of this time, it became apparent that the building had deteriorated and was in need of extensive repairs and that the congregation had grown in size from its original 29 families.

Property was purchased on Memorial Drive in order to build a new church and Rectory. The first services were held in our present building on the first Sunday of Advent, November 28, 1965. Over 400 people attended the Christmas services that year. St. Mark’s continued to flourish and became self supporting in 1968, and by 1979 an addition had to be added to facilitate the ever growing Sunday School and Church activities.

We have now had our sixtieth anniversary in this building, and it is evident that our church family has a pattern of continued growth over its short history. At present there are over 450 families on the church role and that number is increasing. We encourage you to join us and to look at our newsletters and weekly bulletins to learn about all of the activites we offer to promote Christian growth and fellowship. St. Mark’s is a vibrant and thriving community, and we are grateful for the life and vitality that our parishioners contribute to our church life.

Former Pastors

Rev’d Grant Darling, 1953-1956

Rev’d Ronald Mattheman, 1956-1958

Rev’d Mark Kemp, 1958-1961

Rev’d John Munro, 1962-1980

Rev’d John Spencer, 1980-1985

Rev’d Bob Bennett, 1985-1991

Rev’d Rob Skirving, 1991-1999

Rev’d Jim Sutton, 2000-2013

Rev’d Tim Dobbin, 2014-2020