Introducing Our Kids to Jesus
Introducing Our Kids to Jesus

Introducing Our Kids to Jesus

Waypoint: KIDS

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On September 11th a new children’s ministry began.  Facilitators want to know what the kids want to know. 
Our topics are precursors for the Advent Season – introducing them to Jesus and how he gets excited when we pray, no matter what that looks like.

Here are a couple great quotes that prompted good discussions of Luke 15:1-10…

“Who would leave 99 sheep for 1 lost one??”  “Coins – that’s money I’d look for that!” 

Out of the mouths of babes!

Building new relationships with the children, we are learning to trust each other as we delve into their questions surrounding church. This being said, we value the 30-40 minutes we have with each other and respectfully ask adults to keep our space a KIDS ONLY ZONE!

Looking forward to experience the upcoming Christmas preparations together.

– Waypoint: KIDS Team