Celebrating God
Celebrating God

From Doubt to Belief

Through Thomas’s loyalty amidst uncertainty and his profound encounter with Jesus after expressing doubt, we witnessed the power of belief to transform skepticism into centred faith, inspiring us to prioritize our relationship with God and embrace doubt as a path to deeper faith.

Easter’s Power Overcomes Uncertainty

In this Easter reflection on Mark 16:1-8, we journey through the enigmatic narrative of Mark’s resurrection account, finding resonance in the emotions of fear and amazement experienced by the women at the empty tomb. Mark’s open-ended conclusion challenges us to embrace uncertainty in our faith journey while trusting in God’s steadfast promises.

Glimpses of God

Our world is often overshadowed by chaos and uncertainty and we long for moments of reassurance and divine presence. In his message today, Canon Rob helps us explore the theme of ‘Glimpses of God,’ reflecting on the story of the Transfiguration from Mark 9:2-9 and the significance of encountering God’s glory amidst life’s challenges.

Anticipation and Hope Rewarded

Drawing inspiration from the presentation of the infant Jesus in the temple, we reflect on Simeon’s eager anticipation and Anna’s unwavering devotion, envisioning their stories as mirrors to our own quest for renewal. Canon Rob Park encourages us to carry the transformative power of Christ’s birth into our lives, actively seeking hope and restoration amidst the uncertainties of our world.

Understanding the Cost of Following Jesus

Canon Rob Park offers prayers, and a short reflection based on the Gospel reading, Matthew 16:13-20. A critical question posed by Jesus in Matthew 16:26, asks what it profits someone to gain the world but lose their life and it encourages us to reflect on whether our life’s purpose is centred around earthly ambitions or heavenly aspirations.

Believing God is Good

“As the Canaanite Woman approaches Jesus and the disciples with her plea to heal her daughter, the big question this encounter raises is “Does God love everybody?“ Canon Rob Park offers prayers, a short reflection, and reflection questions based on the Gospel reading, Matthew 15:21-28.