Youth Covenant

commitmentThe Youth Ministry of Saint Mark’s Anglican Church is committed to help youth have a relationship with Jesus and become more like Jesus. We are here to REACH students with the love of Jesus Christ, CONNECT them to the community of believers, EQUIP them to grow in their faith, ACT through service, and EXALT God with their lives.

As a group, we have created this covenant. Christ gave us an example of respect and love for all, because of His example we will create an environment of respect where ever we are.

As a member of our youth group, I acknowledge my need for meaningful relationships with other youth. I also know that this youth group and church exists to help me deepen my relationship with God, other Christians, and all of the people that God has put in my life; to be a better disciple for Christ. I must always keep God’s priorities before my own. Because of these things,

I commit to the following:

  • I will respect other people’s stuff. I will not go through or touch another’s possessions without first asking for their permission.
  • I will respect the church building because it belongs to all of us. I will clean up messes, respect the property of others and treat this place as I would treat my own home.
  • I will respect what others have to say by listening when they are talking. I will allow others to speak their ideas and not distract them or take away from their ideas by talking while they are talking.
  • I will respect others with my words. I will not use abusive words or profanity, and I will not be overly critical. I also will not gossip about our youth group or others. Our youth group’s definition of gossip is saying anything true or false, or rumour that causes others to lower their opinion of the person being talked about. We are only saying positive and encouraging things about others.
  • I will respect the group and turn my cell phone off when the youth activities begin because I know that they can distract me and others from learning more about God. And I will not turn them back on again until after the activities are over.
  • I will respect others in the way that I dress. I understand that dressing modestly is what is expected of me.
  • I will respect myself and my youth group, by using only appropriate displays of affection if I am in a relationship. There must always be space between myself and the person that I am dating. Handholding and good bye hugs are appropriate. Kissing, lying on, or too close contact is not appropriate.
  • I will respect the safe environment of the youth group by promising that I will never bring any weapons, drugs, alcohol or fireworks with me and I will also help to keep a safe environment by not being violent.
  • I will respect the leaders and the youth group by participating in all lessons, activities and games as it is very important and is expected of me. I am committed to attend all youth functions that I am able and I will try to arrive on time.
  • I will respect myself and our youth group by being truthful and genuine. I will also be accepting of others and I will take them as they come, knowing that they may come from a different background than me because this is what Jesus has asked of us. I know that God created us as unique individuals, and I will respect that uniqueness in others.
  • I will respect those less fortunate than us by participating in the mission work of our youth group and the church.
  • I will commit to making this youth group a place of acceptance and support. Choosing to be there for each other in good times and in bad.
  • I will commit to living a Godly lifestyle by doing my best to live my life in accordance with God’s principles.

Because I am a youth, I understand that I do not have to be responsible for enforcing the rules. I understand that is the responsibility of all of the adults present, not me. I will, however, be an example to others.

As an important part of St. Mark’s Youth Group, I commit myself to this covenant. I also understand that there will be consequences to any inappropriate behaviour. Those consequences may include being required to “sit out” from an activity or trip, staying after to talk about my behaviour, my parent/guardian being called to come and pick me up if my inappropriate behaviour continues and as a last resort, I could lose my privileges of coming to youth events for a time.