Marriage is the sacrament in which a man and woman are joined in love, and they want to offer a full commitment to each other for life.  Such is a reflection of God’s love for the world, and the intimacy that it brings is a sign of what God wants for us.  To be loved, supported, cared for, embraced always.  In marriage a couple re-creates each other.  Each feels free, has the trust to share completely everything, both joys and hurts.

Marriage is the place where love heals the hurts of the past, builds hope and extends joy.  The couple discover true security, new depth and values and transform each other’s quality of life and love.

At St. Mark’s Celebrations of Marriage are pre-arranged between the couple and the priest.  They are called Celebrations of Marriage because the service does not make the marriage but is an opportunity for family and friends to gather and hear the promises and share in the joy of the relationship.

Couples wishing to be married at St. Mark’s must be 18 years of age, participate in a marriage preparation program and have in place the appropriate documents.

The Province of Ontario does permit other unions, which they constitute as marriage, however the Anglican Church of Canada believes that Marriage is between a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others for their mutual comfort and help, that they may know each other with delight and tenderness in acts of love and that they may be blessed in the procreation, care and upbringing of children.

Although, Jesus spoke more frequently about marriage than any other one item, we realize that some marriages reach the point of irretrievable breakdown.  The church needs to support those with the comforting message of forgiveness.  After careful consideration, re-marriage may be permitted for divorced persons.  We recognize that the scripture suggests some difficulty but through a reconciliation process, we believe that God wants us to be forgiven and move on to a time of mutual love and support.