Anointing of the Sick – Unction

During his life on earth, Jesus loved people into health.  It continues to be God’s desire that we live in total health.  Health is the absence of dis-ease.  Sometimes true health is not a well body but internal peace.

The “Anointing of the Sick” is the ultimate healing sacrament, available whenever our health is impaired.  God is always with us in our illness loving us into health of mind, body and soul.  Jesus proclaimed this with his witness.  Through this sacrament the sick person is strengthened and encouraged to face their life at peace.

At St. Mark’s this sacrament is usually administered when family and friends gather to pray for the sick person, to lay hands on them for strength and peace.  The oil of the sacrament is administered to remind us of the prayers of the whole church for wholeness of the individual.

(The oil of healing is blessed by the Bishop on Maundy Thursday each year as a symbol of the prayers of the whole church whenever and wherever this sacrament is administered.)  See James 5: 13-15