Mission & Ministry Plan 2018 – 2022


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The Bishop of Huron has asked that every parish in the Diocese create a Mission and Ministry Plan for the 5 year period 2018-2022, to be submitted to Annual Vestry 2018 for approval and to the Diocese by March, 2018. The intent is to clearly identify our mission purpose and concrete goals to support that purpose.

A template was provided that all parishes were expected to use. It contains basic goals that must be met by all parishes. If the parish cannot meet them by the specified dates they must indicate the date by which they expect to reach the goal along with a plan for fulfilling the goal. St. Mark’s (Brantford) will meet the minimum goals set by the Diocese. In some areas existing programs and suggestions to enhance these goals have been made.

The template is divided into ten sections: 

  1. Evangelism:  The First Mark of Mission
  2. Discipling:  The Second Mark of Mission
  3. Service:  The Third Mark of Mission
  4. Transforming Society:  The Fourth Mark of Mission
  5. Safeguarding and Renewing the Earth:  The Fifth Mark of Mission
  6. Ministry and Leadership
  7. Congregational Health
  8. Longā€term Future
  9. Buildings
  10. Finances 

View the St. Mark’s Plan