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Messages from Parishioners

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Our Rock Solid youth have been meeting online through video chats doing our bible time and games. Even though we cannot meet in person, every Sunday at 7:30pm we come together to chat, pray and play.  Our youth are excited for the possiblity of continuing our online meetings once a week as well as our Sunday night program at the church when we are able. We have been able to reconnect with those who cannot come out on a Sunday, as well as previous Youth group members.

While it has been a very strange spring for all of us, Dave and I have kept busy walking the open trails around Paris.  Spring is my favourite time of year and this year we were really able to witness the tiny steps of nature moving from winter to summer.  Every time we went out we noticed something new.  I have attached pictures of a jack-in-the-pulpit, trout lilies and a mourning cloak butterfly we saw.  We also did some bird watching but those are more difficult to get photos of!

On a personal note, Emily and Liam are both in the U.S. at the moment.  Emily is finishing her dental residency in Rochester and Liam is working in San Jose California.  Both places have had riots the last few days so please keep them in your prayers.

We seem to keep very busy.  We have been baking regularly, mainly bread and cookies.  The garden is now requiring work, lawn cutting (3X) weeding and general tidy-up.  Janet has been doing a lot of tidying in the house.  I am working through my extensive collection of jigsaw puzzles.  I have also done a lot of stamp collecting work, both for myself and the Stamp Club. As usual, Janet has done plenty of knitting, crochet and sewing.  I am working on the tablecloth we got at Holly Jolly.

My husband and I have almost finished staining new kitchen cupboards and will start on the floor next. Yes, kept us very busy!

I have become involved in a group called Brant County Facemasks. They are on Facebook if you want to check them out. To date I have made 75 masks for them and 30 for family and friends. Now I am sewing scrub bags for the group (used to carry scrubs home from the hospital). It keeps me busy and I enjoy doing something useful.

YAHOO, I have won the battle of my life. I have finally had charges dropped by Bell Canada, it has taken two years, but here it is. A representative called me and let me know, I said thank you and we had a chat in French, she was amazed I could speak it so well. I am thrilled to have finally won this battle.

In the last 5 weeks I have walked 59.4, 20.56, 45.28, 45.28, 45.28, 50.25.for a grand total of 270.02K of walking. I sawed the wood, measured, painted and put together a shelf for under the sink. All my flower beds have been trimmed, flowers planted, grass cut and bagged and cleaned out the back porch and went to bed very tired

Cheerfully submitted.
Pat Faith

Just wanted to give an update to the St.Mark’s Fam Jam.

Jeff is working from home during the pandemic and is also being mr.mom during the day caring for both John and Eric. Kudos to him for doing a tremendous job at this!

I work for a transportation company and therefore I am still hard at work in the office.

Love and hugs from the Farncombes

We’re in this together,


We hope this email finds everyone safe and healthy!

Photos Notes

Going a little stir crazy but still in the same “barrel”?!?

Our kids hard at work on the front line. Look at that picture of their Hospital taken by a colleague heading in for a night shift! I would say God is definitely sending a message of Hope and Healing here! ♥️

Covid visits with our kids/grandkids and Craig’s 98 year old mom who is in Amber Lea.

Our grandchildren Palm Sunday 2020. Photo courtesy of their mommy.

We sure miss our St Mark’s Family but hope you are all staying safe and healthy!

From our home to all of yours we wish you God’s Peace! ♥️

God Bless

Craig & Cyndi Kennedy