Confirmation and Re-Affirmation

As time passes in our lives, we reach the point where we want to make an affirmation of faith because of God’s Grace is abounding in us.  If we have been previously baptized as a child we may choose to be confirmed.  If previously confirmed, we may seek to again make an affirmation.  Both these things occur at the time of the Bishop’s visit.

As St. Mark’s, Confirmation and Re-affirmation are usually celebrated at a bishop’s visit in the even numbered years – ’10, ’12, ’14 etc. Because of the size of the parish, usually an afternoon or evening celebration is chosen.  These are celebrations of the Holy Spirit and the bishop will pray for the strengthening of the Holy Spirit in the individuals, and pray that the transformation begun in their Baptism or previous confirmations will continue daily as they journey to wholeness.

If you are in need of this prayer of strengthening, please speak to the priest.