Reconciliation – Confession

The church offers both corporate and private opportunities for reconciliation.  At almost every service of worship there is a time of confession, when we are invited to seek God’s forgiveness for our failure to be who we should be.  Confession is about holiness and wholeness.  Holiness and wholeness are connected because failure to rid oneself of our clouded past does not allow us to develop as a whole person before God.

Even though it seems natural to seek forgiveness to God directly and is certainly possible, in the presence of another human being the reality of it all strikes home.  Private Reconciliation with the Priest is an opportunity for advice and support as we make the changes we need in our lives.  The objective of sacramental confession is to give strength.  Often with the burden relieved through absolution in God’s name we become healthier.

Please speak to the priest if you wish private confession.